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Events and Crafts at Afonwen Antique Centre

Please telephone for details of more demonstrations and exhibitions. We have a continuous calendar of events throughout the year. If you are a local artist or crafts person and wish to display and demonstrate at the centre please contact Janet or Adrian.

Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 9.30 to 5.30

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Events diary


6th & 7th September
Liz has lots of handmade bags, which are suitable for evening and special occasions, with others more for casual wear. Liz uses lovely silks, velvets, satin and chiffon for her special occasion bags, with some being embellished with beads, pearls and feathers. Liz is very happy to take commissions and chat about any requests you may have.
8th & 9th September
The girls have a fabulous array of handmade bags, made with many different patterns and colours. In addition to these, they also have some very cute handmade teddy bears which they dress, bunting, hand knitted toys and more.
11th September
Paula has some cute wooden items, which she can engrave with names or dates, to include door plaques, fairy doors, trinket boxes and much more.
12th September
Trevor will be here weaving, in which he creates some lovely scarves, as well as some wood turned products and small leather purses he has made in his workshop.
13th September
Lynda paints in watercolour, and generally paints rural scenes, and is very much inspired by the beautiful Welsh countryside. Marjorie's work is Portraiture, and she paints in mainly pastels, and sometimes watercolour, with her work being portraits of the human and animal nature.
14th, 15th, 16th September
Another opportunity to pop along and have a look at Thelma's lovely paintings, which Thelma is very happy to chat about and discuss any requests you may have.
18th & 19th September
The girls will be back with us, with their very lovely crafts, with Elaine having a large assortment of handmade jewellery, and Helen with her stitch work items and curtains and blinds, which she makes to order.
20th & 21st September
Huw is a pen and ink artist, with much of his work consisting of transport, places of interest and pet portraits. Huw will be busy working both days, and his work is really worth a visit.
22nd & 23rd September
All of Marie's work is handmade and unique, and she has many mythical statues to include fairies, wolves, dragons and more. Also in her collection, she has some silk and gemstone jewellery, some made with rare stones.
25th & 26th September
Mair will be busy painting her beautiful designs onto various silk items, to include ties, scarves, notebooks and more. Mair is most happy to chat as she works at this very lovely craft.
27th September
Sue has some lovely stitch work, made using many different types of fabrics, plus some very cute material dolls.
28th September
Kay is one of many of our regular craft artists, and she always has a large and interesting collection of handmade jewellery made with many different kinds of stones and beads to suit all ages.
29th & 30th September
Linda uses special irons and hot wax, which she glides over special paper to create stunning fantasy pictures, with some being embellished with sparkly crystals. All proceeds from Linda's Work going to Brain TumourTrust and Walton Hospital.


3rd October
Lyn has some really lovely knitted and crochet items, to include baby clothes and cute animal themed hats, plus some sparkly mohair shrugs and much more.
4th & 5th October
Sandra hand makes Eco Silver Jewellery, which has been hammered, cut and twisted to create her lovely pieces.
6th & 7th October
The girls have some unusual handmade jewellery, with some being made with glass, resin and braid, also they have a good selection of handmade greetings cards.
9th October
Sue makes some lovely crochet items, toys and blankets, whilst Sandra paints in water colours, plus greetings cards and hand painted frames.
10th & 11th October
Elaine has a large collection of handmade jewellery and gifts, to suit all ages, whilst Helen makes curtains and blinds to order, as well as other stitch work items, to include peg bags, shopping bags and much more, all of which are finished to excellent quality and detail.
12th October
Stitch Work with Sue Brand - another opportunity to pop along and take a look at Sue's lovely stitch work items, which she makes using lots of different fabrics. Sue also makes some very cute material dolls.
13th & 14th October
The girls have many different fabrics for their great bags, in many different colours and patterns. The girls also have some lovely bunting, hand made teddy bears which they dress and hand knitted toys.
16th October
Paula is able to engrave names and dates onto her cute wooden items, to include door plaques, fairy doors, trinket boxes and more. Paula will be busy working today and is happy to discuss any ideas you may have.
17th October
Charlotte is able to paint your pieces of furniture, which can be large or small, and is also running 'Vintage Furniture Workshop' here at the centre. Please contact us for more information on workshop availability.
18th & 19th October
Jackie has a large and very varied collection of handmade jewellery, in many different beads, stones and crystals. Jackie is also able to carry out some repairs on your own pieces of jewellery, whilst you look around the centre or maybe have a coffee in our Restaurant.
20th & 21st October
Thelma has a very delicate style to her painting, which consist mostly of landscapes and places, plus some lovely coastal scenes and floral designs. Thelma will be busy working all weekend and is very happy to chat and take commissions.
23rd & 24th October
Huw's wonderful drawings are all carried out using pen and ink, and are really worth a visit. Huw is able to take commissions, whether it be a beloved pet portrait or a place of interest or maybe a transport request.
25th October
Sue makes wonderful stitch work items, using many different fabrics, plus she also has some cute handmade material dolls.
26th October
Another opportunity to pop along and take a look at Kay's lovely handmade pieces of jewellery, which she makes with an assortment of beads and stones.
27th, 28th October,
Liz has some very lovely handmade bags, with many being suitable for evening, wedding or special occasion use, whilst some of her other styles are more suited for everyday use.
30th & 31st October
Marie has some statues, bowls and wall plaques, featuring many mythical creatures, which are all handmade by Marie. In addition to these, she also has some rare and unusual gemstone and silk jewellery.


1st & 2nd November
Sandra will be with us again, with her beautiful Eco silver jewellery, which she has twisted, cut and hammered, to make her lovely jewellery. Sandra uses different stones, to include pearls, different coloured Agate, and Swarofski crystals.
3rd & 4th November
The girls will be busy working this weekend, adding to their already large collection of handmade bags, bunting, handmade toys and teddy bears which they dress in very cute outfits.
6th November
Lyn knits and crochets gorgeous baby clothes, and also other items to include sparkly mohair shrugs and accessories.
7th November
Gillian will be here busy working on her lovely paintings, which are mostly of landscapes and coastal scenes, and painted in acrylic.
8th & 9th November
Linda has some amazing fantasy pictures and other items, which she has made by using special irons with hot wax, which she glides over special paper to create her wonderful work. Linda is more than happy to demonstrate and show you how to have a go yourself. All proceeds to Brain Tumour Trust and Walton Neurological Hospital.
10th & 11th November
Natalie hand makes pennants using local material featuring her own original artwork, based mainly around character based imagery and hand lettering. Natalie is happy to take on commissions, such as stylised pet portraits, and she also has some unique personalised gifts.
13th & 14th November
Both ladies will be busy working during these two days, Elaine with her handmade jewellery and gifts, and Helen with her wonderful curtains, blinds and stitch work items. Both ladies are happy to take commissions, and chat about any ideas you may have.
15th & 16th November
Huw is a pen and ink artist, and he has some very interesting drawings. Huw is able to take commissions, which really can make a lovely and unusual gift or keepsake.
17th & 18th November
Marie has a fascinating craft, in which she hand makes statues, bowls and wall plaques, featuring dragons, wolves, angels, cats, fairies and other mythical creatures. These are all created by hand, from Marie's original designs. In addition to these, Marie has some unusual silk and gemstone jewellery, with rare and unusual stones.
20th & 21st November
Jackie will be here with her large and varied jewellery collection, made with many different beads, stones and crystals. Jackie is also able to do some repairs on your own pieces of jewellery whilst you wait, and take private commissions.
22nd November
Kay has a large and varied display of handmade jewellery, suitable for all tastes and ages, and she uses many different kinds of stones and embellishments.
23rd November
Sue has some lovely stitch work, plus some cute material dolls.
24th & 25th November
Thelma has a very delicate style to her paintings, which are painted on canvas, and are mostly flowers and landscapes. Thelma will be busy painting all weekend and is more than happy to chat.
27th November
Paula has some lovely wooden items, to include door plaques, trinket boxes, fairy doors and much more, which she is able to engrave with names and dates if required.
28th November
The girls have some great gift items, to include jewellery made from resin, fused glass and some which has been braided. They also have some handmade greetings cards and other gift items.
29th & 30th November
Liz hand makes many different styles of bags, with many being suitable for weddings, parties or special occasions, with velvets to satin, silk and chiffon. Liz also has some more casual bags, and also many accessories, to include scarves and fascinators.