Sweet and Savoury Party Buffet List

Let us take the stress out of your celebrations

  • Place your order - with as much notice as you can - tel 01352 720797
  • Collect it as arranged
  • Take home and enjoy
  • Celebration Cakes made to order - For all occasions, plesae ask for details.

Quiche :  All made with our tasty savoury pastry, and a generous amount of Welsh cheddar cheese. 9" square serves 12 to 16 with ease.

Cheese & Onion £9.25
Cheese & Vegetable £9.75
Ham & Vegetable £9.95
Salmon & Leek £11.50

Sausage Rolls :  our very popular version of sausage rolls - with a amount of sausage meat, a little onion, parsley and a little tomato relish. Wrapped in puff pastry and cooked golden. Packed in 10s or packed in 5s.

Packed in 10's £6.25
Packed in 5's £3.25

Savoury Scones :  Cheese & Onion Scones made with local Welsh Cheddar cheese & diced fresh onion.

Packed in 6's £5.50

Coleslaw :  2lb/ 1kg made traditionally with white shredded cabbage and carrots, bound in mayonnaise.

2lbs / 1kg £5.25 1lb £3.25

Celery Walnut and Apple salad :  2lb/1kg - diced crisp apples, celery and walnuts bound in mayonnaise with a little lemon.

2lbs / 1kg £5.95 1lb £3.50

Rice Salad :  2lb/1kg - fluffy rice combined with fresh diced vegetables, seasoned and served as a delicious simple salad.

2lbs / 1kg £5.25 1lb £3.25

Cheese, Pineapple and Raisin Salad :  1lb 400g - chunks of Welsh cheddar cheese and raisins and pineapple combines to make a simple yet delicious salad.

1lb / 400g £4.50

Potato Salad :  2lb/ 1kg - our version of this popular salad.

2lbs / 1kg £4.50 1lb £2.50

Potato & Ham Salad :  2lb/ 1kg - our delicious potato salad with chunks of home roasted ham and fresh peppers.

2lbs / 1kg £7.75 1lb £4.50

Roast Topside of Beef *
Poached/Oven Baked Fresh Salmon *
Home Roast Ham *
Chilled Prawns in Marie-rose sauce*
Roasted Chicken Drumsticks *

All prices are given on request due to market change - we are more than happy to help with quantites whether its for a big party or just a couple

As everything is hand made we always do our best to take all orders, however to be safe please place all orders in plenty of notice. In busy periods such as Christmas we may ask if you will be happy for your quiches and sausage rolls to be frozen on collection. Of course if you want them cutting first, defrosting for collection or even have to have them fresh we will do our best to help.